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Every great business endeavor, big or small, starts from one key cornerstone – awesome graphic design.

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My creative solutions are matched by my devotion to the work and an honest approach to business. In my dedication to finding the best resolution to design problems, I utilize extensive market research and a diverse skillset that result in me being able to deliver on my promises. Creatively, reliably and honestly.

You can expect my absolute involvement and my complete dedication towards achieving your satisfaction and happiness. I guarantee you a visual that will stick for years to come.

I specialize in logo design, branding/identity and print design for smaller, often family owned companies with traditions etched in hard work, honesty and reliability but also for more progressive startups, and young businesses in general.

They are all seeking visuals that will clear out a straight path for their success. After over 15 years of practicing and perfecting my skills, and about 5 years of freelance work, I am confident that I can make you a design you’ll love

LSH is a botched abbreviation of my last name (Leš, pronounced Lesh). The logo does feature mentioned letters, but arranged in a rune-shaped symbol, broadly inspired by traditional Slavic folk ornaments, often related to some Slavic deities or just decorations woven on fabric.

Slavic folk ornaments are very geometric and simple in their shape, but often represent a far more complex being, or even a whole story hidden behind a meandering line. My basic inspiration was Old Slavic Kolovrat, the symbol of gods Perun, Mokosh and Chur.

Old Man Oak Blue Navy

In the years before, probably for over a decade, I used one and only one alias behind all my designs – neverone. That name was a code combination of my motto “never (like any) one”. Neverone design stands behind over 250 different projects. It is a name that I forged my skills with.

The most recent neverone design logo was a simple rectangle containing three heads – a wolf, a deer and a bear; three animals often related to a Slavic mystical being of Leshy (coming from Old Slavic for wood or forest – les). Leshy is a protector of forests and all its creatures. According to some research my last name originates from him.

However, since lately I’ve been developing the LSH brand in order to make the connection to myself more personal, to put myself into my work even more. After all who are we all if not only a collection of all of our deeds and works?

Although it might be difficult to name all the software I use on a daily basis, these are certainly used the most:

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • CorelDraw
    • Corel PaintShop Pro

My name is Ivan and I’m a graphic designer and a full-time teacher. Design has been a passion of mine since my high school days. In my approach to design I aim to be creative, reliable and honest.

I like when my work speaks for me. I do not not stop until perfection is achieved and will not go along with anything less. I design with experience, with passion, swiftly and with style, not because I have to, but because I love to.

Logo design

A unique visual representation of your business, service, or an organization.

It includes:

    • In-depth analysis of your desires
    • Research of your industry’s standards in terms of visual identity
    • Thorough research on your immediate competition
    • Adjusting the mark to suit your industry and demographic
Identity design

Actual, tangible elements of your brand. All the usual things you may put your logo and tagline on.

Including but not limited to:

    • Business cards, stationery, letterheads, envelopes
    • Flyers, brochures, banners, and other promotional items
    • T-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, notebooks
Brand design

It is not just a design work done properly. It’s a thorough research work resulting in a best possible visuals evoking positive emotional responses from your current or future clients.

That means:

    • Determining and adjusting the core values behind your business
    • Identifying who and what you are to your clients
    • Historical, cultural and psychological research in order to pinpoint what resonates best with your clients or aimed demographic group
    • Finding proper visual (logo, identity) and textual (company name, tagline) elements to convey all those values to your clients.
Labels and Packaging

A good quality product can only get noticed if it is packed and labeled with an original and quality visual solution.

The likes of:

    • Stickers/labels for jars, bottles  or boxes
    • Bags – plastic, paper or canvas
    • Standardized or pre-made boxes
    • Completely custom packaging solutions

Carefully chosen and paired typefaces along with additional visual decorations can make or break a good publication.

Let me help you avoid the latter.

    • Books
    • Magazines
    • Monographs
    • Photo books
    • Coffee table books
    • Custom publication

My selected works

You can browse more of my works on my Instagram page


Merchandise made available by Redbubble.

Take a peek and see if there’s anything you like:

Traditional Slavic embroidery, motifs and shapes that people would stitch on a tablecloth, shirt or a pillow. Modernized but hand drawn on a computer. Make your babushka proud. Wear Babooshka’s.

8 Individual designs available on dozens of different items.

Old man Oak was a piece of furniture. Literally. I found it as a carving on one photo of a cupboard, and drew it by hand.

Around 15 design variations available on dozens of different items.

Minimalist, stylized representations of several Celtic deities

5 different Celtic deities available on dozens of different items.

You can also take a look at all of my works and explore by design

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Ivan Lesh. All rights reserved.
Osijek, 31 000, Republic of Croatia


LSH Creative is a proud successor to neverone design. Coming from Osijek, Croatia, with strong drive to create great visuals, working with absolute attention do details and mathematical precision. Id you’d like to learn more, click here

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